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  • Summary: The debut album from the Canadian rapper, who has also remixed songs for Lady Sovereign and Ciara.
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  1. Breaking Kayfabe is a record that demands and deserves undivided attention, its creator fashioning a brain-searing patchwork of ragged rap, electronic flourishes and truncated rhythms.
  2. Raised in a library of music and having already dissected his influences, Rollie takes confident first steps as Cadence Weapon.
  3. Uncut
    A dense and abrasive record of astonishing precocity, which, if it has a fault, is only that it occasionally offers brute intensity in excess of the impact Pemberton's razor-sharp verses. [Oct 2008, p.87]
  4. Breaking Kaytabe is without a doubt one of the most impressive releases you'll hear all year, regardless of genre.
  5. His vivid, scattershot rhymes are clever without being cryptic, and his techno-tinged beats never veer off into tuneless arhythmia.
  6. Breaking Kayfabe is a cohesive set of songs, backpacker in the best of senses, smart and witty and provocative, experimental and well-produced, but at the same time very raw and very real-sounding.
  7. Q Magazine
    This superior debut from Alberta rapper Roland Pemberton cuts adroitly from Oliver Square's booty shaking electro to the spare funk of Black Hand. [Oct 2007, p.101]

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