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Critic score distribution:
  1. Positive: 17 out of 17
  2. Mixed: 0 out of 17
  3. Negative: 0 out of 17
  1. Can Our Love... is a minimalistic jewel, a soul wonder and an anomaly in a pop world.
  2. By broadening both their emotional and musical spectrums, Tindersticks have come up with their best album yet -- and a classic of its kind.
  3. At 45 minutes, Can Our Love... is Tindersticks' most concise album yet, and it sacrifices nothing in content. Eight songs may not seem like much for a full album, but it's all this band needs to make a fully rewarding listen that only gets richer the more you visit.
  4. With that warm soapy trumpet now hinting at something a flutter more soulful than the usual dose of despair and despond, the Tindersticks have actually moved on and started meaning something again.
  5. Magnet
    In the face of today's painfully formulaic R&B/hip hop, they come off as the most soulful act on the planet. [#51, p.123]
  6. Sleepy and soulful, Can Our Love . . . is delightfully powerful in an understated way.
  7. Shredding Paper
    The arrangements are subtle but complete, creating a thickly romantic feeling that provides an excellent backdrop for Staples' soul-drenched voice. [#11]
  8. Blender
    Quiet pleasures, but worth seeking out. [Aug/Sep 2001, p.130]
  9. Can Our Love... finds the band still mining a quirky romantic sensibility, but with more honest soul than ever.
  10. The loosest record yet in Tindersticks' decade-long existence.
  11. The settings are spacious, the rhythms stately and Stuart Staples croons woozily about how it's all gone horribly wrong.
  12. On a couple of tracks, on this their fifth and finest studio album, singer Stuart Staples doesn't actually sound like he's mumbling through the pain of all too recent root canal treatment.
  13. The same old sombre samba, perhaps, but with a renewed sense of direction, it's threatening to take them somewhere fantastic.
  14. Alternative Press
    But while the swanky compositions on Love can fade into the background like velvet-shrouded ambience, this same passion also makes these songs mesmerizing, allowing them to remain in the gently muted spotlight just as easily. [Aug 2001, p.104]
  15. Spin
    Slow burners like "Dying Slowly" and "Sweet Release" smolder like Chesterfields in the rain. [Sep 2001, p.164]
  16. Tindersticks' trajectory, in fact, does have its affinities with R.E.M.'s: an unfairly maligned Difficult Third Album clears the decks and the lead singer's nasal passages, and what's gone from the later work, however accomplished it may be, is that startling strangeness, the rare, eerie thrill of hearing something that sounds only like itself.
  17. On Can Our Love..., Tindersticks get heavily into Seventies soul, which expands their sound with more depth than ever before.