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  • Summary: While it is listed as a Wu-Tang Clan album, it is actually a collection of songs and spoken word performed by some members of the group.

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I Wish You Were Here
(feat. Tre Williams) [Ghostface Killah] This was my favorite girl for years, she knows the way I perform Sometimes I pull my boxers down, ya'll,... See the rest of the song lyrics
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  1. In fact whether or not you consider this an actual Wu-Tang Clan album there's not much to hate about "Chamber Music" other than the fact it's a small dose of the dopeness instead of the full out Wu-Tang hit that fans undoubtedly wanted.
  2. 80
    This isn’t exactly a new Wu album. Just think of it as a nice experimental side-project--one that’s 10 times better than their last major one.
  3. If Wu-Tang Chamber Music is a hackneyed cash-grab, it's a pretty good hackneyed cash grab. Because once you get past the brevity and the non-Wuness of it all, there is some beautifully executed hardhead grown-folks rap shit on here.
  4. Chamber Music, with all its throwback collabos, only faintly reminds the listener of yesteryear, but track by track it satisfies with the core Wu members sounding purposeful and sometimes even united.
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