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  • Summary: Adam Freeland's second album under the name Freeland features Brody Dalle, Twiggy Ramirez, Joey Santiago, and Tommy Lee as guest artists.

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There's two twin deaf kids and they've gotta make An ungodly decision They decide which one gets to leave this place And which one will forsake it,... See the rest of the song lyrics
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  1. This is, therefore, a searing, no holds barred album, uncompromising in its delivery and unstinting in its musical language.
  2. 80
    Adam Freeland--the nu­skool breaks vet who broke through in 2003 with "We Want Your Soul"--dons a suit jacket and hires guns (Brody Dalle, the Pixies’ Joey Santiago, Tommy Lee) for the carefully concocted, pleasantly thumping Cope.
  3. 80
    That sweet spot between the dancefloor and the moshpit is something that more and more electronic acts seem to be pursuing these days. Freeland shows he's still a vet of that particular tightrope.
  4. When it works it’s potent enough to rival his 2003 breakbeat opus ‘We Want Your Soul’. When it doesn’t, such as on opener ‘Do You!’ and the turgid ‘Best Fish Tacos In Ensenada’ (every bit as lame as its title suggests), it sounds like the kind of crap that gets played early on at Reflex on student night.
  5. "Electronica that falls somewhere between rock and dance" is probably the best way to sum up Freeland's Cope.
  6. As on many valiant attempts by electronic artists to cross over, there's too much going on. But Cope succeeds in creating an overall sense of unrest and some moments of electro-transcendence.