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  • Summary: Portishead leader Geoff Barrow releases his latest project, a soundtrack to the comic strip series, 2000 A.D with composer Ben Salisbury.
  • Record Label: Invada
  • Genre(s): Electronic, Electronica, Pop/Rock, Alternative/Indie Rock, Alternative Pop/Rock, Soundtracks
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Score distribution:
  1. Positive: 11 out of 13
  2. Negative: 0 out of 13
  1. The Wire
    Jul 24, 2012
    It's doubtful that the official soundtrack for Dredd will be anything as satisfying as this atmospheric homage to the mean streets of the future. [May 2012, p.56]
  2. May 2, 2012
    The album is a lovingly crafted ode to Judge Dredd, urban alienation, the cinematic sci-fi masterpieces of the late 70s and early 80s, electronic music of both the past and present, and it all hits with the weight of a cadmium steak tenderizer.
  3. Mojo
    Jul 18, 2012
    A piquant appetizer for the impending movie re-boot then, and a balm to those who still wake up screaming because of Stallone's 1995 film. [Jun 2012, p.82]
  4. May 21, 2012
    While Barrow and Salisbury have painted a forbidding picture of the overall future, their own futures as producers with an ever-expanding, consistent repertoire looks assured.
  5. Under The Radar
    Jul 9, 2012
    Lovely as DROKK is, it does get a bit same-y past the album's halfway mark. [Jun 2012, p.152]
  6. May 23, 2012
    It's perhaps a bit long, and there may be too much repetition for some – but persist and Drokk is quite the engrossing, and sporadically discomforting, listen.
  7. Jul 13, 2012
    Packaged altogether, though, DROKK becomes a towering work that's infuriatingly middling and restricted. Barrow and Salisbury both maintained an atmosphere they establish with the first song incredibly well and offer a few thrills along the way but ultimately DROKK doesn't stand as much more than a curiosity piece for completists.

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