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  • Summary: The latest full-length release from Scottish electronic artist Kode9 was part of audiovisual installation and a "sonic fiction" called Astro-Darien.
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  • Record Label: Hyperdub
  • Genre(s): Electronic, Garage, Club/Dance, Experimental Electronic, Dubstep, Jungle/Drum'n'Bass, Experimental Jungle, Juke/Footwork
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  1. The Wire
    Aug 1, 2022
    Even the occasional instances of hypergloss cinematic texture and vaporwave mannerisms have their place, glueing together spikes of noise, luscious organ reverberations and feverish glitch pulses into a synthetic yet intensely human whole. [Aug 2022, p.50]
  2. Aug 1, 2022
    Sometimes it feels like one of the best records I've heard in recent memory, other times I wish it would just get to the point faster. But I think that's by design. ... To appreciate Escapology is to look at it as one piece in the puzzle, not an album so much as it is a single cog in Goodman's latest piece. It asks more questions than it answers, but poses them like few other artists could.
  3. Aug 1, 2022
    While the story presumably makes more sense if one had the opportunity to witness the installation, or listen to the audio fiction (released several months after the album), Escapology still works as a stunning experience in its own right. Heavy on brief interludes, filled with buzzing and whirring noises as well as computerized voices, the more developed, beat-driven tracks are incredible fusions of multiple styles of futuristic dance music, showcasing some of Kode9's most complex sound design to date.
  4. Aug 5, 2022
    Kode9 fans will enjoy club ready tracks like “Uncoil” and “Lagrange Point” and as with his previous work, the mastery of dynamics and the production values are to rights but there’s a sense the music cannot carry the weight of its associations alone.
  5. Mojo
    Aug 1, 2022
    Escapology is frequently, characteristically unsettling. [Sep 2022, p.86]