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  • Summary: This sophomore release for Minnesota-based turntablist/multi-instrumentalist Andrew Broder, like recent releases from "folktronica" artists such as Four Tet, utilizes organic sound samples, but mixes them with both indie rock elements (including some vocals) and shades of hip-hop.
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  1. In keeping it complex, shy and out of the ordinary, Broder has accomplished a composition of delicate and post-modern-day-genius proportions.
  2. Filter
    Broder has created his own brand of amalgamated Americana: moody, mixed up and damn beautiful. [#6, p.85]
  3. The sound is small scale, but the bewildering range of styles shows he thinks big -­ listen with your brain plugged in.
  4. Uncut
    His twittering creations... use hip hop as their base but defy all attempts at categorisation and recall artists as diverse as Keith Jarrett, DoseOne and Smog. [Jun 2003, p.104]
  5. The Wire
    For all the homemade, quirky charm on show here -- and the album has plenty of wide open, lyrical moments -- Ether Teeth leaves behind a lingering, moody, melancholy aftertaste. [#231, p.60]
  6. Urb
    Incessantly innovative, it's charming as hell for about the duration of a sidelong glance. [Aug 2003, p.89]
  7. Singular parts of this disc throw forth a few pretty piano chords or guitar strums but don’t expect to gain anything from this listening.

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