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Critic score distribution:
  1. Positive: 19 out of 23
  2. Negative: 0 out of 23
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  1. Apr 8, 2022
    White briskly blows through each idea and wraps up the album in a tight 40 minutes.
  2. Apr 8, 2022
    “Fear of the Dawn” benefits from being so single-mindedly devoted to capturing a stream of consciousness that’s moving about as fast as the Colorado River, and would generate just about as much electricity, dammed up. ... He’s finally made an album every bit as hysterical as that trademark howl.
  3. Apr 8, 2022
    Fear of the Dawn reveals a mature White who is not only at the height of this prowess as a guitarist whose effects have formed a unique signature he both hones and transgresses. The album finds him reaching new heights as a producer and creative experimenter.
  4. 90
    The vibrant, caffeinated production and pulsating sonics help these performances explode with dollops of the frazzled charm, roaring intensity, and sheer musicality we expect from a Jack White project. White, a faithful baseball fan, has knocked another one out of the park.
  5. Apr 6, 2022
    ‘Fear of The Dawn’ is very much like the kind of party where you’re hoping daylight stays away for some time yet.
  6. Apr 8, 2022
    This is rock music from the year 2064. And it’s absolutely glorious. There’s an infectious energy that permeates throughout the album, as he transitions frantically from musical passage to musical passage.
  7. Apr 11, 2022
    The result crackles with a wired energy that doubles down on his core creative tenets, while still sounding like no other White record released previously.
  8. Apr 8, 2022
    Fear of the Dawn isn't often a pleasant listen, but it wasn't meant to be: it's a dark adventure, an album designed to provoke and stoke fears, not to soothe them.
  9. Mojo
    Apr 4, 2022
    The most focused and exciting White Solo record yet, a precision-tooled digital reconfiguration of his rock bona fides. [May 2022, p.89]
  10. Apr 4, 2022
    By splitting his 2022 albums into two distinct projects and saving his quieter material for Entering Heaven Alive, White has delivered his best release since 2012's Blunderbuss, and one of the most consistently exciting albums in his 25-year-career.
  11. 75
    A woolly wall of sound from the chugging blown-out opener "Taking Me Back" to the spiraling title track. [Apr 2022, p.106]
  12. Classic Rock Magazine
    May 27, 2022
    On Fear Of The Dawn his foot spends plenty of time flat on the fuzz pedal. [Jul 2022, p.80]
  13. Uncut
    Apr 27, 2022
    Fear Of The Dawn succeeds better when it surprises. [Jun 2022, p.34]
  14. Apr 15, 2022
    There is little filter on the creativity here as White’s legacy allows him to explore and indulge odd ideas, but it could do with some productive channelling. Hence Fear Of The Dawn ends up a partially enjoyable but partially frustrating listen.
  15. Apr 14, 2022
    An entire album of similar songs might have felt like a retread. But on Fear of the Dawn, they’re rewards for experiencing something very rare: a long-established artist intent on pushing boundaries further than he ever has before.
  16. Apr 12, 2022
    There's a fluidity and looseness to White's approach on Fear of the Dawn, giving the impression he's having a good time kicking it with his buds in his garage.
  17. Apr 7, 2022
    An intriguing if not fully formed experiment, ‘Fear Of The Dawn’ is a defiantly un-Jack White statement, transgressing his role as a traditionalist in favour of something less logical. Packed with nervous energy, its haphazard dash to the finish line is nothing if not fascinating.
  18. Apr 7, 2022
    Fear of the Dawn is fucking weird: not obligatorily weird or try-hard weird, but genuinely, imaginatively weird.
  19. Apr 6, 2022
    Though it has its moments, Fear of the Dawn isn’t quite wild enough.
  20. What White has done with ‘Fear Of The Dawn’, in fact, is row his experimental tendencies back a little, as if to meet the desires of his audience halfway. Unfortunately, that can make large chunks of the ensuing record a confused and purposeless mess.
  21. Apr 6, 2022
    Overall Fear of the Dawn (like White himself) never sits still and while exhilarating at moments, none of the tracks stand with the best he has written and feel like experimental jam sessions.
  22. Apr 7, 2022
    Unfortunately, Fear of the Dawn — the first of two records White will release this year — feels like a hodgepodge of good intentions and so-so execution.
  23. 40
    Jack White’s new solo album Fear of the Dawn is basically one long jam session. Which is fine, if that’s what makes him happy. For the rest of us, it’s a bit of a slog.
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User score distribution:
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  2. Negative: 1 out of 29
  1. Apr 8, 2022
    Jack White never ceases to amaze me. An excellent album from start to finish
  2. May 2, 2022
    This is easily Jack's most dynamic, united and brilliant solo project. While not as revolutionary as his previous effort, he succeeds inThis is easily Jack's most dynamic, united and brilliant solo project. While not as revolutionary as his previous effort, he succeeds in perfecting the more experimental elements that is also seen in Boarding House Reach. This project is a massive success, by not allowing the abstract components of this record to become overbearing, while remaining complex. Full Review »
  3. Apr 24, 2022
    No spoilers. Just saying I like variety, it's the spice of life after all. However, it is nice to just hear Jack's hard side and have an albumNo spoilers. Just saying I like variety, it's the spice of life after all. However, it is nice to just hear Jack's hard side and have an album that's just all that a solid 40 minutes. We will get the more acoustic bluesy stuff later this year with Entering Heaven Alive, which I'm also looking forward to. This album was dedicated to just the heavier, rock only material - and it doesn't disappoint on delivering on that. A must listen for any fan of Jack's. Full Review »