• Record Label: Columbia
  • Release Date: Jun 23, 2015

Generally favorable reviews - based on 19 Critics

Critic score distribution:
  1. Positive: 16 out of 19
  2. Negative: 0 out of 19
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  1. Jun 23, 2015
    Feels Like is a debut of the same melodic stripes as Weezer’s Blue Album, and it comes as a package deal with all the emotional honesty and intensity of their Pinkerton.
  2. Jun 19, 2015
    Each track sounds as fresh and as punchy as the last, and it is instantly infectious.
  3. 85
    They’re sounds we’ve all heard before but done spectacularly.
  4. Q Magazine
    Jul 30, 2015
    [A] blistering debut. [Sep 2015, p.109]
  5. Jul 2, 2015
    They've reused almost every song from their EP. But that's forgivable when the band manages a knockout with almost every punch.
  6. Jul 2, 2015
    The echoes of Steve Albini's ability to streak glitter-spangled dirt pervade every corner of the record (indeed, it was recorded at his Electrical Audio studios where Bognanno formerly interned), with the end result sumptuous and invigorating.
  7. Uncut
    Jun 24, 2015
    It's indeed a thrilling blast. [Aug 2015, p.72]
  8. Jun 23, 2015
    It’s hard to imagine a better record to stone and dethrone the three reigning M’s of ’90s indie: Malkmus, Mascis, and Martsch.
  9. Jun 22, 2015
    Bully has in Ms. Bognanno a special weapon. She’s a bracing songwriter, full of quick jabs and mundane details that end up being full of import. As a singer, she’s evocative, especially when her vocals are double tracked.
  10. Jun 19, 2015
    The directness of Bully's songs--both emotionally and melodically--is their strongest asset, but it's tough to argue that Bognanno has any discernable weakness when it comes to her music.
  11. 80
    You’ve got an album that revels in the simplicity of a great pop song while cleverly articulating the everyday truths of 20-something life, on Bognanno’s terms alone.
  12. Jun 25, 2015
    Feels Like doesn’t reference any specific dates or weather, but it feels like a summer coming-of-age album.
  13. Jun 23, 2015
    For all its strengths, Feels Like’s greatest flaw is the inclusion of two tracks [“Too Tough” and “Trash”] that mirror one another to a déjà vu-inducing degree.... It’s a small failing, but one that throws the album off balance, even if only for a few moments.
  14. 75
    Much of the sweetness on Feels Like comes from the re-recorded and rearranged tracks from the band’s self-titled 2014 EP.
  15. Jun 30, 2015
    When she lights up a guitar rant like "Trying" or "I Remember," she sounds like the world is caving in on her, but that doesn't stop her from standing her ground.
  16. Jun 25, 2015
    Bully’s exuberant strain of alt-rock is undeniably vintage, but what keeps the music afloat above the familiar jangle guitars and chunky bass lines is that spirited attitude of sunny nostalgia that Bognanno so deftly taps into.
  17. 60
    When Feels Like is at its best, it’s a reminder of how exciting it can be to plug into a distortion pedal and let it rip. In its lesser moments, that’s still more or less what it is.
  18. Jun 22, 2015
    Feels Like gets high marks for craft but barely merits a passing grade for fresh thinking.
  19. Jul 30, 2015
    The Nashville band’s debut is a grab-bag of early-90s alt-rock styles that sounded tired by the mid-90s--and haven’t got any fresher since.
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  1. Jun 25, 2015
    Feels Like is one of the best albums of 2015. A refreshing debut from a band that goes back to the basics of garage rock and then amplifiesFeels Like is one of the best albums of 2015. A refreshing debut from a band that goes back to the basics of garage rock and then amplifies the feeling with crisp instrumentation, great lyricism, and a growing rage sprinkled with great melodic shifts in-between. And they do it all void of today's digital tricks. The production of this debut album, alone, shows this band is going places and I, for one, can't wait to see what they do next. Full Review »