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  • Summary: The rapper teams up with the producer for their fourth album together, which features Kurupt, Verbs, 9thmatic, Suga Free, Sick Jacken, and Uncle Chucc as guest performers.
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  1. On Fornever, the fourth collaborative album by MURS and producer 9th Wonder, the duo is smart enough not to tinker with a winning formula.
  2. Fornever is one of those rare, late-career triumphs. There are no weak tracks and it’s entertaining throughout; every bit as much as Murs’ best early outings.
  3. Ultimately, "Fornever," might not be their most indelible achievement, but with cookout season approaching, 9th Wonder and Murs have created a worthy soundtrack for the Southern California spring.
  4. Though fans may expect these collaborations to be less structured than a MURS solo record, there's a few songs that just leave you feeling unsatisfied. That being said, Fornever is still a solid disc, and will please the average indie-rap fan.
  5. The 10-track set, which contains multiple sounds and styles, gives a brief glimpse into both artists' scattered versatility.
  6. Most of the songs are toss-offs, but it's plenty of fun to be along for the ride as long as some restraint is issued. Without it, ForNever alternately struggles to keep its head above water with washed-out cautionary tales ("The Problem Is...") or slums it in the shallows with mildly tawdry goofs ("Asian Girl").
  7. Fornever is an improvement from Murs’ last album, but not by much. His topics have been worn out, his lyrics are less creative, and where he once owned the mic with confidence through emotional highs and lows, Murs seems sluggish as he anxiously raps about the same shit we’ve heard from him time and time again.
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  1. Aug 21, 2010
    Looking for an album that has absolute zero bling and deserves to be an example of what the Hip Hop community should strive for? ...buy thisLooking for an album that has absolute zero bling and deserves to be an example of what the Hip Hop community should strive for? ...buy this album. Is it old school, no but it's genuine art and might I add a level of honesty, integrity and gritty sound that comes from the sound and guest appearance on this album.

    Nothing here that will blow you away but at the same time disappointment is not adjective you'll use to describe this album.