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  • Summary: Freeway's sophomore album features 50 Cent, Jay-Z, Jadakiss, Busta Rhymes, and Scarface as some of his guest artists.
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  1. Balance is the key element that Freeway absolutely nails. Amongst these joints that sound like pure commercial hits, Freeway, drops enough dope introspective material to prove that he is well-rounded.
  2. On Free at Last, he demonstrates that being forced to cool his heels since 2003 hasn't dulled the rough edges of his appealingly hectic flow.
  3. Even with the amount of expectation-lowering context heavy on the mind, Free at Last sounds like a very strong follow-up.
  4. Free At Last isn’t perfect, but when his songs are ripe with emotion and meaning, he can be forgiven for his mistakes.
  5. The star power behind this album--a joint executive co-production between Jay-Z and 50 Cent and featuring Scarface, Rick Ross and Lil' Wayne--leads to the predictable can't-please-everyone mishmash, an appreciable step down from the sampled elegance of the Just Blaze-dominated "Philadelphia Freeway."
  6. Over the flutes and soul-diva coos of 'When They Remember,' Free delivers an anguished but nimble sermon about his own struggles as a rapper; more than any other, the track shows off the mix of grit and pleasure that defines Free at Last.
  7. It's what Freeway says that continues to disappoint, and it's not for lack of subject matter.

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