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  • Summary: Less than a year since he released his self-titled second album on J-Records, the New York singer-songwriter releases his third on the label.
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  1. Between these two bookends ['Indian Summer and 'Why Do Men Stray'] is the most consistent music DeGraw has yet made--yes, it gets a tad simpy and he could use at least one hook as big as 'I Don't Wanna Be,' but Free manages to flow easily and warmly, something that couldn't quite be said of the blue-eyed soul bluster of his first two albums.
  2. The album may not have any standout hooks to give him another inescapable radio hit, but it does suggest that DeGraw has finally found a style that suits him well.
  3. Only a slow-burning cover of the late Chris Whitley's 'Indian Summer' really stands out from the blur of tastefully arranged midtempo ballads.
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