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  1. This is the first absolutely essential UK disc of the year.
  2. At 16 tracks, the melancholy mood lingers a bit long, but hey, if you can handle some meandering in your Britpop, then Here's something for you.
  3. At 70 minutes, it could've done with a pruning.
  4. From Here On In is inches away from being a success. It's just that it's weighed down by so many repetitive textures and songs that fail to impact.
  5. They definitely have some hummable hooks, and at moments the album feels like it's going to shake off the reigns of running the middle-ground, but just about the time you think things are going to bust loose like a rocking Monk and Cantella track, they swerve back into more agreeable sounds.
  6. Alternative Press
    South are at their most compelling when they apply the aesthetics and methodology of dance music to their epic rock music. [Mar 2002, p.88]
  7. Sadly, not all the guitar-led tracks work, but for every failure there's a soaring, slo-mo anthem or a downbeat campfire singalong.
  8. From Here on In often meanders around, getting by on its influences, rather than seeking the necessary hooks and melodies.
  9. Spin
    South's tunes tend to wobble in very slow circles, and Joel Cadbury has picked up soggy vocal habits from Coldplay's Chris Martin. [Mar 2002, p.127]
  10. All too often the guitar-led tracks expose their limitations.
  11. In the future the restless, insecure South-men may perhaps harness their broad tastes into a more cogent sound, but From Here On In finds them a well-produced but overly expansive mess.
  12. 30
    From Here On In may grab you with a slide-guitar hook here, a tiny melody or vocal quirk there, after repeated listening. But it's hard to justify the five or six hours necessary to achieve such meager nirvana.
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  1. toddt
    Dec 6, 2004
    bettter than every thing