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  1. Alternative Press
    He's brought classical melodic sophistication and beauty to this recording while retaining the post-punk edginess Gang Of Four disciples love. [Jul 2004, p.148]
  2. fulfilled/complete is thoroughly compelling, until it reaches its closer, "The Dream," and becomes urgent, essential listening.
  3. Fulfilled/Complete has a raw, compelling urgency.
  4. The Wire
    It's carefully constructed music that makes few demands but rewards close attention. [#244, p.69]
  5. Fulfilled/Complete succeeds on a number of levels-- Mogis' recording is clear as a bell, there are several fine songs, and the string arrangements are impressively detailed-- but doesn't quite live up to either portion of its title, its sequencing too disjointed to make for a truly cohesive statement.
  6. The songs could all get away with at least half of the words they currently employ.
  7. Under The Radar
    Sometimes fades into the background, but it is interesting background music at that. [#7]
  8. Urb
    It's a lot of wicked, loud noise, and if that's your thing, this is your record. [Jun 2004, p.84]
  9. The tracks with singing find Broken Spindles moving in one direction, and the purely instrumental pieces find them moving in another, and sometimes the contrast between the two styles just ends up as a clash of sounds.
  10. It's not easy listening, it's scarcely fashionable,... and, to be frank, it's not exactly the best advert for Joel's generally estimable talents.
  11. Unfortunately, after this three-track novelty act, Fulfilled/Complete comes down to earth in a decided crater-dive.
  12. It has more than enough moments to make it a solid album, had Joel Petersen stayed with instrumental electroclash. It’s just that the lyrics are god-awful strands of post-teen angst monotonously spoken with the rhythm.
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  1. chrism
    Mar 16, 2006
    The experimentation Joel has used in this album is refreshing. The use of synthesizers has given this album a new approach and way to look at The experimentation Joel has used in this album is refreshing. The use of synthesizers has given this album a new approach and way to look at electronical music. I have noticed that the majority of people rating, reviewing, analyzing and listening to this album say that they cannot stand Joels monotonous voice but I feel as though this rather automatonic voice mixed with the inspirational and abnormal sounds are something utterly divine. Alot of critics also stated that they strongly disliked the lyrics because they were pessimistic, dark and saddening but I feel as though these songs intertwine sadness with happiness because the beats are uplifting yet the lyrics are depressing. In a nutshell buy this album. Full Review »