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  • Summary: The debut full-length release for the Irish-born country artist was produced by Paul Gregory of Lanterns On The Lake.
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No One Has the Answers
I spent my summer by the sea to look for what I lost. O, once I had a dream or two but I sold them at a cost Often I would wonder why we try so hard... See the rest of the song lyrics
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  1. Q Magazine
    Mar 14, 2017
    This is impressive stuff. [May 2017, p.108]
  2. Mojo
    Mar 2, 2017
    She's clearly not afraid to prolong the exquisite agony and, selfishly, you hope Macve never cheers up. [Apr 2017, p.98]
  3. 80
    Golden Eagle is a wonderful collection of songs and tales that ultimately find a sense of redemption. Over its ten songs Macve displays an innate talent for exquisite songwriting and storytelling in a voice that is just jaw-dropping.
  4. Mar 2, 2017
    It’s a sound of today with echoes of a gloriously simple past. It makes you wish that Hank Williams was around for a duet.
  5. Mar 2, 2017
    Like a yodeling Lana Del Rey, the affected vocal presentation is bound to annoy some, but for others her delivery, along with the album's brooding tone and poetic essence, will make fast fans.
  6. Uncut
    Mar 2, 2017
    It's Macve's self-assurance and rounded expression that impress- that and her voice, a Lustrous and powerful instrument with a yodelling swoop that she wisely never overworks. [Apr 2017, p.32]
  7. Mar 9, 2017
    Macve sings with real power as she glides from note to note in a dreamy glissando--although the Tammy Wynette-style catch in her voice is a quirk that is perhaps overemployed.
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