• Record Label: Sub Pop
  • Release Date: Mar 24, 2023

Generally favorable reviews - based on 8 Critic Reviews

Critic score distribution:
  1. Positive: 8 out of 8
  2. Mixed: 0 out of 8
  3. Negative: 0 out of 8
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  1. Apr 21, 2023
    But what comes off at first as blistering and self-deprecating actually reveals her deep reverence and respect for her own complexity.
  2. Mar 29, 2023
    While seeing any bit of vulnerability in Friday’s work does make her more relatable, it’s the woman who titled her debut EP Bitchpunk that dominates Good Luck, and her attitude is a lot of fun. ... Friday attacked her debut like she was born ready, and it’s fully convincing that she was.
  3. Mar 24, 2023
    The crooning, woozy indie-pop of So Hard To Tell is reassurance Friday has a full spectrum of emotional arrows in her quiver and she’s going to hit all her targets.
  4. Mar 24, 2023
    Embracing her past while looking forward, on GOOD LUCK, FRIDAY makes her own.
  5. Mar 23, 2023
    ‘Good Luck’ is undoubtedly at its best when Debby is going full-pelt to evoke those early-noughties electroclash moods, but there’s barely a misplaced beat throughout.
  6. The Wire
    Mar 23, 2023
    Good Luck doesn’t betray Friday’s general aesthetic or artistic persona. On the contrary, it retains her darkly seductive, slightly edgy and risqué aura, but conveys it through a disparate medley of styles. [Apr 2023, p.53]
  7. Mar 23, 2023
    While the energy level feels drastically different between the album's clubbier first half and its slower second, Friday's music is always dramatic, honest, and futuristic.
  8. Mar 23, 2023
    Good Luck fits roughly into similar experiments by Backxwash or JPEGMAFIA, but it’s even harder to pin down to a single genre. It’s an album that testifies to the liberating potential of making a racket.

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