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Guns Don't Kill People...Lazers Do Image

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  • Summary: Switch and Diplo team up to release their first album as Major Lazer.

Top Track

Keep It Goin' Louder
Me and my friends rollin like rockstars, So we by the bar. All eyes on us girls watchin from far, We shining through the dark. Saw this sexy little... See the rest of the song lyrics
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  1. The production overall is impeccable and the sequencing shrewd; the tracks feel visceral and visual--you can almost see them as they hurtle by. The album’s overall effect is less deafening than blinding.
  2. Whatever the case, he and Switch are kicking off summer with an armful of perfect cookout-, top down-ready songs, like the daytime soundtrack equivalent of all of the summertime night's rooftop music that's been coming from Swedes Air France and the Tough Alliance and their new wave of American indie disciples, such as Real Estate and Memory Cassette in the past year-plus.
  3. The large cast of vocalists are quite upfront in the mix, and the quality of the songs tends to depend on their talent, but for the most part it’s a strong collection of bangers, with few missteps.
  4. Guns comes with a plot that has absolutely no bearing on the album's songs or list of guest collaborators. That its ostensible backstory makes for little more than some colorful, comic-inspired cover art keeps the album's focus where it should be: on some of the year's most compelling beats.
  5. 70
    The shotgun rhythms, spaghetti western guitars, and dubstep explosions intertwine with lover's rock, roots reggae, and other island styles to impressively evoke the pair’s genre-splicing DJ sets.
  6. If you have to buy one painfully esoteric, scrotum-tighteningly hip, show-off album this year, you may want to make it this one.
  7. This might sound like a blunder, but Diplo can never be criticized for not being adventurous enough; though he can be criticized, magnanimously, for Major Lazer.

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