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  • Summary: The fourth full-length release for the Los Angeles-based artist was recorded in two weeks with Dre Skull and features a guest appearance from Shenseea.
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  1. 85
    As the tracks ebb and flow, the record provides the perfect accompaniment to the current heatwave we're all struggling to survive. Santigold has dropped this full-length artefact at exactly the right time, and she deserves all the recognition she gets.
  2. 80
    For Santigold’s music, I Don’t Want: the Gold Fire Sessions is more a consolidation--or a breather--than a leap forward. But that’s only because her previous albums have already encompassed so many idioms and ideas.
  3. Aug 6, 2018
    The creative synthesis between her and producer Dre Skull means there isn’t a dull moment on the record. I Don’t Want: The Gold Fire Sessions is a gem, an energetic and hook-filled album that leaves the listener wanting more.
  4. Mojo
    Oct 3, 2018
    This album is a beauty. [Nov 2018, p.93]
  5. Aug 6, 2018
    The Gold Fire Sessions combines Santigold’s musical past with a passion for spontaneous experimentation. It plays like a distillation of joy.
  6. 60
    Although nothing is exactly under-produced, the governing principle remains loose. White is so sweet-sounding, you might blink and miss the commentary of songs such as Crashing Your Party (“gimme that bow, gimme that stone, gimme that rake, I’m gonna take my place”) or Gold Fire, the most fully realised piece of music here.
  7. Oct 12, 2018
    Iit feels like a natural extension from what’s come before rather than a bold move forward, but you can tell Santigold had fun making it all the same.
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