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  • Summary: The fourth album for the Canadian rocker was produced with Digitalism, Simian Mobile Disco and Soulwax.
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  1. As the vocals get filthier, the beats get glitchier and it still consistently exudes class.
  2. I Feel Cream is a force of positive motion that addresses criticism with the sonic equivalent of a bitch slap.
  3. Ever the self-conscious transgressor, Peaches presents herself as both exceptional and mutable.
  4. Under The Radar
    I Feel Cream is Peaches' most pop-leaning album to date, though it doesn't comprise. [Spring 2009, p.67]
  5. Okay, maybe age has softened Peaches a tad, but if I Feel Cream is the result, it sounds more compelling and radical than any number of new iterations of "sucking on my titties."
  6. I Feel Cream is a fun and worthwhile album, though is unlikely to change any minds about Peaches. Fortunately, that also means she shows no signs of losing her touch.
  7. Q Magazine
    She might be too rude for mainstream fame, but the synthesis of blood and electricity is bracing, even if the title's far less funny than previous albums. [Jun 2009, p.130]

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