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  • Summary: The third album for the Athens, Georgia rock band was produced with Ben Allen and features new bassist Tim Deaux.
Score distribution:
  1. Positive: 7 out of 17
  2. Negative: 3 out of 17
  1. Uncut
    The Replacements-inspired tattered intensity of the band's first two LPs is still present, but working with multiple producers has brought enough variety to keep the surprises coming. [Apr 2010, p.109]
  2. The 11-song set draws from some of the Big Apple's more established rock outfits, but still keeps the DIY feel of the Whigs' previous albums.
  3. The Whigs absorbed every rock trend of the '90s, consciously taking in the cool stuff while the mainstream tunes seeped in, and here they turn In the Dark into something that's a guilty pleasure for anyone raised on grunge.
  4. 60
    Their third album sports a more generic, arena-friendly sound, as if displaying too much personality was a liability.
  5. At times, Parker Gispert's voice is buffed clean of any individual characteristics; at other times, it's contorted into a hackneyed imitation of Southern rockers such as Jim James. The album's best moments, unsurprisingly, are those in which the band lays off the mixing knobs.
  6. You could call it "rock on autopilot". It would be a good description. If you asked some space creatures to create an album of banal Earthling arena rock, they might very well create In the Dark using a tentacleful of the simplest mathematical algorithms.
  7. This is not an observation about theme--the record is unremarkable in both sound and execution.

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