• Record Label: Omnian
  • Release Date: Nov 11, 2016

Generally favorable reviews - based on 25 Critic Reviews

Critic score distribution:
  1. Positive: 16 out of 25
  2. Negative: 1 out of 25
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  1. Nov 14, 2016
    Everything about Jessica Rabbit is visceral--full-force drum slams, the slick claps, Miller’s steely slabs of guitar, lyrics replete with bombs, knives, and natural disasters.
  2. Nov 21, 2016
    At only 43 minutes, the album can take a few listens for adjustment. Like no other rock in 2016, Jessica Rabbit is rife with worthwhile whiplash, with some of Derek Miller’s best riffs no longer taking center stage in front the songwriting.
  3. Nov 7, 2016
    Jessica Rabbit is a fucking great feminist-punk record, one of the pop highlights of the year, and the best thing they’ve ever done.
  4. Feb 6, 2017
    Their latest is just as bright, bold, and bludgeoning as their past work but adds complexity and depth to their sound.
  5. Jan 6, 2017
    Energetic, endearing and still unlike anybody else, Sleigh Bells continue to unapolegtically pummel your senses.
  6. Mojo
    Nov 22, 2016
    It's both far-out and potentially pack-leading. [Jan 2017, p.99]
  7. Nov 11, 2016
    Energising Sleigh Bells with rocket-fuel, Jessica Rabbit stands up as the band’s most consistent record since ‘Treats’.
  8. Nov 11, 2016
    The "uh oh"s that punctuate "Hyper Dark"'s shattered balladry hint at Jessica Rabbit's state of emergency, while "Torn Clean" is one of the band's prettiest songs yet. Contrasts like these have been Sleigh Bells' modus operandi since the beginning, but Jessica Rabbit's mix of brashness and finesse proves they can still thrill.
  9. Nov 10, 2016
    An encouraging move into new territory.
  10. Nov 10, 2016
    By realizing the beauty that can come from chaos, Sleigh Bells have made an album that shines a harsh spotlight on the always-on clamor of 21st-century life--and the end result gleams.
  11. Alternative Press
    Nov 3, 2016
    This is Sleigh Bells at their most adventurous. [Dec 2016, p.102]
  12. Nov 16, 2016
    A bloated tracklist of 14 songs is baffling, and as said above, the middle section bears the brunt of this quality dip. Had they edited it down to a more succinct 10 or even nine songs, such a knock could have been largely avoided. That said, Sleigh Bells should be commended for rising to the challenge they set for themselves.
  13. Nov 10, 2016
    When Brooklyn duo Sleigh Bells arrived six years ago, their wild-style hip-hop/noise-punk seemed like an explosive novelty. Four records into their run, they're still building on it.
  14. Nov 4, 2016
    Sleigh Bells must be applauded for their experimentation on Jessica Rabbit, and it has provided riches, but as with earlier releases, the main weakness is a lack of emotional scope and pace over a course of an entire album.
  15. Uncut
    Nov 3, 2016
    The addition of EDM and hip-hop elements to the arsenal have a reinvigorating effect. [Dec 2016, p.37]
  16. 67
    They may not have quite hit the mark of a perfect partnership yet, but sometimes progress comes at a price. Jessica Rabbit is at least a step in the right direction.
  17. Nov 30, 2016
    For the loyal fans, this is what they come back for. For the more casual Sleigh Bells listener, this may prove one full-length album too many.
  18. Nov 16, 2016
    Jessica Rabbit does not feel challenging, nor does it feel inviting. The adolescent only hopes to participate.
  19. 60
    It’s all deranged enough to convince us that Sleigh Bells are still menacing outliers, but on a deep cover mission to infiltrate the mainstream, horns still poking out of their ’80s mullet wigs.
  20. Nov 3, 2016
    Jessica Rabbit‘s greater emphasis on melody, along with its more diverse, if occasionally too random, structure, clearly comes from savvier musicians who are more aware of their own tendencies and flaws, even if they can’t always overcome them.
  21. Nov 8, 2016
    Too many of these songs are just bluster in search of a purpose. Casualties of the duo’s noncommittal approach, they fall into a thankless gray area, too tinkered-over to function as punk, yet too haphazard to be great pop.
  22. 55
    Jessica Rabbit is the work of a band in stasis, but also one who sound desperate to pull themselves out of it.
  23. Dec 12, 2016
    Alexis Krauss is still a potent vocal performer, though the same cannot be said for an album that stubbornly covers the entire contemporary pop gamut with an an irritating self-confidence. It ultimately sabotages their own efforts.
  24. Nov 11, 2016
    Sleigh Bells has grown up plenty since their 2009 lightning-strike arrival, but perhaps that strike is starting to feel like more of a distant memory than it should.
  25. 25
    This is a mess of an indie pop album, filled to the brim with ambient interludes and a taste for unnecessary drum machines, but a mess that longs to make sense of itself.
User Score

Universal acclaim- based on 18 Ratings

User score distribution:
  1. Positive: 16 out of 18
  2. Negative: 1 out of 18
  1. Nov 11, 2016
    Their hearts were on their sleeves while making this one, and it shows. Thrilling, jarring, and affecting; Jessica Rabbit proves Sleigh BellsTheir hearts were on their sleeves while making this one, and it shows. Thrilling, jarring, and affecting; Jessica Rabbit proves Sleigh Bells are still capable of holding their own. While the album can be undeniably scrappy at times, its highs hit much harder than its lows. Rewards with multiple listens. 7.5/10 Full Review »
  2. Jan 23, 2017
    Jessica Rabbit was touted as their biggest, baddest, most emotional album yet, and that sentiment shines throughout the whole album. AfterJessica Rabbit was touted as their biggest, baddest, most emotional album yet, and that sentiment shines throughout the whole album. After Treats, it felt like Sleigh Bells couldn't figure out what direction to take their sound, and how to expand it. This album proves that they have taken the right path, and are walking on it with stride. A few songs miss the mark however, and while Alexis is most certainly showing off her great vocal range, it undermines their overall tone and almost sounds -too- poppy at times. That hardly takes away from the complete experience that is Jessica Rabbit, though. Full Review »