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  • Summary: The jam rock band's latest release was produced by Steve Lillywhite.

Top Track

Backwards Down the Number Line
Happy, happy, oh my friend Blow out candles once again Leave the presents all inside Take my hand and let's take a ride Backwards down the number... See the rest of the song lyrics
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  1. Joy is a journey not to be missed.
  2. If you can't enjoy Joy, you will probably never enjoy Phish. Yet, to paraphrase a vintage Phish song, what's most impressive here is how much they seem to be enjoying themselves--truly, deeply, gratefully. It's nice to have them back.
  3. While Joy doesn't find Phish exploring much new territory, the band sticks to their strengths, making for a welcome return.
  4. The music is rarely rote, nor does it jump, settling for a fussy yet placid amiability, whether the Vermont quartet is in boogie mode ("Kill Devil Falls") or unwinding a 13-minute progressive-rock suite ("Time Turns Elastic").
  5. They sound more focused than on any of their ten previous studio offerings. Certainly, what's here is not for everybody, but this jumpy, well-constructed little set may even get Phish fans excited.
  6. The songs give off good vibes, even when alluding to the missteps that undid guitarist and main writer Trey Anastasio and ultimately his band. That lack of friction is a problem with Phish.
  7. While it may continue to be unfair to compare Phish’s live shows to their studio work and that Joy is a nobler attempt than most of their other albums, Phish’s strengths and, most noticeably, their limitations are nonetheless as evident as ever.

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