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  1. A powerfully emotional and poignant album that reclaims the American spiritual from the depths of the irrelevant past and rewrites it for the post-modern age.
  2. Little Heart's Ease does deliver more of the dark but oddly jaunty songwriting that made Royal City's previous album noteworthy.
  3. Riches' voice can still sound a bit flat on some tracks, but his vocal and lyrical abilities have grown by leaps and bounds.
  4. Aside from Riches' rich language, there's not much traditionalism on the album, it being more concerned with stumbling in melancholy fashion through murmured countryish balladry.
  5. Royal City don't have the arresting lyrics or delivery of the best Palace songs, nor is Little Heart's Ease the equal of genre-champ Magnolia Electric Company, but, as Riches might put it, there's some sparkles in the rough.
  6. Little Heart's Ease is a respectable effort - just not by Royal City standards.
  7. For the first time it sounds like Royal City is stuck.
  8. It's probably their most immediate and consistent record to date, tossing in a few decent melodies along the way in an attempt -- a failed one, I might add -- to enter the slightly less crowded lot of mediocre country-rock outfits.
  9. Too often, the new record substitutes weighty, Biblical language for true heft.
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  1. David_
    Aug 5, 2004
    The first three tracks are great, as are some of the other songs... but something's not quite right.