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  • Summary: The 3-disc set includes the Jimi Hendrix Experience's full two sets recorded in Maui, Hawaii, on July 30, 1970 during filming of "The Rainbow Bridge" and the feature-length documentary Music, Money, Madness ... Jimi Hendrix In Maui that includes never before released footage and new interviews.
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  • Record Label: Legacy
  • Genre(s): R&B, Soul, Pop/Rock, Blues-Rock, Album Rock, Hard Rock, Psychedelic/Garage, Acid Rock, Psychedelic Soul
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  1. Dec 1, 2020
    The first set boasts slightly better clarity, the second set coming across more muffled. But the wider canvas of these two sets offers him a freedom he didn’t always have on that tour. Rather than frontload the hits, the trio gets to take their time, folding in a dozen new songs that had yet to appear on any album.
  2. 80
    It’s an interesting mix of music, and, as might be expected, a dynamic and diverse concert that stands among the most dynamic of the live music extracts culled from the Hendrix archives thus far.
  3. Dec 1, 2020
    The Maui recordings don't find him exploring much in the way of anything new, but he's in excellent form, playfully relaxed and fully engaged at the same time, and Mitch Mitchell's drumming is, as always, an excellent foil for Jimi's melodies and instrumental attack, while Billy Cox's subtle but solid bass anchors this music better than his predecessor, Noel Redding.
  4. 70
    In some ways the club-sized audience helps Hendrix, who hated large open-air shows, and he’s positively chatty at times on the first set, which includes a feisty In From The Storm and a trebly-sounding Foxy Lady. The second set is looser and in danger of falling apart at times, before Hendrix wakes up and rips through Stone Free.
  5. Dec 1, 2020
    Live in Maui is an average show, with below-average sound, which has taken on a higher standard coming so close to Hendrix’s untimely death and the hippie nonsense surrounding it. However, Live in Maui is still an interesting listen for long-time fans and completists just not a place new listeners should start. In truth, any Hendrix concert is worth hearing, but this one doesn’t contend with many other fantastic releases already out there.
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