• Record Label: Elektra
  • Release Date: Feb 25, 2022

Generally favorable reviews - based on 11 Critic Reviews

Critic score distribution:
  1. Positive: 6 out of 11
  2. Negative: 0 out of 11
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  1. Feb 25, 2022
    Across the board, Lavigne sounds like she’s having good, real fun for the first time in ages. If the album is following a major pop-punk trend in pop music, it also serves as a reminder that Lavigne helped shape so much of that sound in the first place.
  2. Feb 25, 2022
    This seventh album blows all those preconceptions out the water, leaving a record that is finally pure distilled Avril that will connect with long time fans and the Gen Z kids who recognise her iconic status.
  3. Feb 25, 2022
    There’s all manner of the energetic offerings you’re yearning for here. But there are the slower soul-bearers too, in the same vein as the classic I’m With You, such as Avalanche, which will appeal to fans of what Olivia Rodrigo is doing.
  4. Feb 25, 2022
    After a decade of artistic exploration and soul-searching, the self-proclaimed "motherf*ckin princess" has reclaimed her pop-punk crown.
  5. Feb 24, 2022
    ‘Love Sux’ is more of an antidote to pop progress rather than a nostalgic throwback. It just has all the elements of what made us fall in love with Avril Lavigne in the first place.
  6. Feb 24, 2022
    Much of the rest is hollow pop-punk; nothing New Found Glory or Simple Plan hasn’t already repurposed many times over. Without its F-bombs, the sugary title track could be a JoJo Siwa song. But as we collectively emerge (again) from the pandemic, with hope to reclaim some semblance of easy fun, Love Sux is a fine soundtrack. The production is slick, Lavigne’s vocal is unwavering and loaded with just enough attitude.
  7. Feb 28, 2022
    Even if Lavigne intended to make something short and silly, it speaks to a larger mainstream conversation of the supposed limits surrounding women’s ability to remain interesting in pop culture. Love might indeed suck, but we know that Avril is capable of so much more.
  8. Feb 28, 2022
    The uncharitable take would be that a 37-year-old still writing lyrics in txt spk is quite cringe, but the truth is that Love Sux – three-minute banger after three-minute banger, complete with classic Lavigne “woah-oh-ohs” – is exuberant enough to have you slipping on a pair of Vans and partying like it’s 2002.
  9. 60
    A shameless but cathartic hit of nostalgia.
  10. 60
    A majority of the songs on ‘Love Sux’ clock in at under three minutes, giving the record a fiery sense of purpose. From the fraught emotion behind the vulnerable, delicate ballad ‘Dare To Love Me’ to the snarling guitars of ‘Déjà Vu’, every moment on the album is deliberately melodramatic.
  11. 60
    It’s reassuring to hear her in this state of mind after the unrelenting heaviness of Head Above Water. Even if Love Sux isn’t a perfect album, it’s certainly a well-deserved victory lap from someone with little left to prove.
User Score

Universal acclaim- based on 298 Ratings

User score distribution:
  1. Negative: 14 out of 298
  1. Feb 25, 2022
    I loved this album. Every track is like a soundtrack from a coming of age movie
  2. Feb 25, 2022
    Modern day classic. Nostalgia trip. Takes you back to glorious years. Angst, hanging out at the mall, 00’s culture.
  3. Feb 25, 2022
    The lyrics and energy put into this album really shows! You can tell how hard she worked on this. The album is upbeat and fun going. Takes meThe lyrics and energy put into this album really shows! You can tell how hard she worked on this. The album is upbeat and fun going. Takes me back through all of my past relationships that definitely sucked! F.U & Love Sux are my top two favorites to this album. 10/10 Best Avril Album yet! Full Review »