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  1. Perfect pop fun for short attention spans.
  2. Q Magazine
    Amid all the bitching and moaning are some of the finest songs of Weezer's career. [May 2002, p.118]
  3. Maladroit combines the best parts of the three previous Weezer albums: creamy guitar riffs, addictive beats, staple "hoo hoo's" and the brilliant mystique of Cuomo’s lyrics.
  4. So, it's essentially a harder-rocking version of the last album. But you know what? It doesn't matter because the band is at a peak.
  5. 'Maladroit' is a more satisfying half an hour than the often-impersonal 'Green' album. Quick-fire melody-driven, riff-heavy pop songs that resurrect the gritty, edginess of 'Pinkerton'. The best of both worlds basically.
  6. The music's shift from trivial to memorable dominates Maladroit; this is Cuomo's attempt to make his voice and guitar move as quick as his mind.
  7. If 'The Green Album' was the charming bouquet to apologise for not calling for five years, 'Maladroit' is the rigorous porking in the back of a second-hand Fiesta we've been gagging for since 1996. It's almost as if Rivers cares about music again.
  8. While Pinkerton was a jarringly beautiful listen, Maladroit is more of a punchy, messy pop record.
  9. Feels simultaneously messy, sprawling, and perfectly compact.
  10. Be forewarned: There's not much along the lines of "Island in the Sun" here.... Still, there are plenty of smart hooks and catchy vocals throughout.
  11. The short-but-sweet syrupiness of the past is gone, and the sound that has taken its place is heavier, mustier and a hell of a lot harder to swallow.
  12. Maladroit is a welcome - halfway - return to form.
  13. If 2001’s Weezer was a second-rate Blink-182, almost every composition on Maladroit is more strongly developed, whether it is the tight drumming to the point of showboating on the album’s first single, “Dope Nose,” the surprisingly successful intricate guitar work on the crunchy “Take Control,” or the band’s return to form, producing some of the best pop songs since their 1994 debut.
  14. 70
    There's some rehash of the flimsy fun of the Green Album, and the choruses here aren't as memorable as much of the group's '90s material. That said, there's a darkness to Maladroit that will likely satisfy long-suffering Pinkerton fans.
  15. It seems Cuomo is destined to write great songs for as long as his heart keeps getting stepped on.
  16. Maladroit picks up where the Green Album slacked off, relying on the same chunky sonics that set "Hash Pipe" apart from Weezer's earlier, more lithe singles.
  17. Blender
    Maladroit feels like a bloodless quest to write the perfect song. [Jun/Jul 2002, p.100]
  18. Unfortunately, Cuomo hasn't come up with enough quality material to match his god-of-thunder conceit.
  19. With Maladroit, Weezer has finally given the full punt to the nerd-rock label they sorta invented and always shunned, settling instead for being our generation's version of Cheap Trick.
  20. Maladroit is the emo equivalent of '70s arena rock -- a bracingly cocky attitude that tag-teams with its partner, navel-gazing.
  21. The kids will tolerate Maladroit, and probably many more dull records just like it, because it’s a product of Weezer.
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  1. TravisL
    Jan 13, 2007
    this album is amazing!!
  2. jono
    Jan 31, 2006
    It's my 2nd favorite full length of theirs. Best musical composition and dynamics. Great to listen to on "repeat all." No bad songs, It's my 2nd favorite full length of theirs. Best musical composition and dynamics. Great to listen to on "repeat all." No bad songs, every thing sounds unique, while flowing smoothly. My only complaint is that it wasn't retro-analog. Full Review »
  3. nateb
    Dec 6, 2005
    Enjoy the kick ass guitar licks, and all around different sound for the Weez.