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  1. Positive: 11 out of 17
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  1. Jul 7, 2017
    Actually, the best way to experience what Mister Mellow is really about is to give the visual component of the album a go first. Yes, the audio more than stands up on its own, but the artwork courtesy a variety of incredibly talented artists really does a more comprehensive job of fleshing out Greene’s overall vision.
  2. 80
    These tunes, particularly the winsome Burn Out Blues, are spry and familiar yet steeped in mystery, as befits an album that steals from everywhere.
  3. Uncut
    Jun 28, 2017
    The visual-album version is the trippiest means of experiencing Ernest Greene's third full-length under his Washed Out moniker. Yet the music is sufficiently enthralling on its own. [Aug 2017, p.38]
  4. Jun 30, 2017
    It is exceptionally pleasant to listen to, a seamless stretch of midtempo mood music that glides by in a neat narcotic haze. There aren’t so many standout tracks as there are standout moments, like the echoey crack of the hook on “Floating By,” or the moment the beat comes into dazzling clarity on “Million Miles Away.”
  5. Aug 4, 2017
    Our only gripe is with its brevity--29 minutes is too short.
  6. Aug 2, 2017
    Littered with hyper-stimulants and the minutiae chaos of modern living, and where Ernest Greene, purveyor of faded daytime psychedelia, once spoke to romantic stasis from his internal landscape of unseen tropics, his diverting third effort sees him taking a heavy blow from reality.
  7. Jun 29, 2017
    On his latest LP Mister Mellow, his first for Stones Throw, Greene broadens his sound from down-tempo bedroom pop to cruise ship house that makes for an enthralling listen.
  8. Jun 28, 2017
    Only one song quietly stands out from the album’s flow: “Hard to Say Goodbye.” ... Mister Mellow is by no means the aural tranquilizer that its lyrics and packaging pretend to call for. The songs, for all their pretty, prismatic intricacies, are remote and forlorn.
  9. Jun 28, 2017
    They're disorienting, at times disturbing and very abstract, which basically makes it the perfect visual representation of the album. The record feels like it's falling apart at times, but there's beauty in its disarray--like its accompanying videos, it's hard to look away.
  10. Jun 28, 2017
    It's not clear if the album is truly meant to be a new direction for Washed Out or a sort of clearing out of the past to make way for something new; either way it sounds pleasing and easy, like the work of someone not trying to make the masses happy, but instead making music that comes naturally to him.
  11. Jun 29, 2017
    Truly, it all feels right on Mister Mellow, which is why it doesn’t leave much of an impression. Even if Mister Mellow asked more of Greene than any prior Washed Out album, it lacks the artistic ambition and tension that made his work endure beyond a blurry moment in the sun.
  12. Aug 2, 2017
    Most of the album, though, is artier and moodier than his previous works, from the percolating unease of “Burn Out Blues” to “Get Lost”. At a mere 30 minutes, Mister Mellow is also a notably brief work and feels all the more so for having only five tracks that exceed the three-minute mark.
  13. Q Magazine
    Jul 6, 2017
    Get Lost is a deliberate break with the woozy synths of his earlier work. The rest of the LP doesn't quite follow through n that adventurousness. [Aug 2017, p.112]
  14. Jun 30, 2017
    There are only a handful of actual songs, linked by burbling interludes, but they are good ones: Get Lost is a densely lush deep house anthem, while Hard to Say Goodbye’s uptempo disco and chirpy wordless chorus vie with a melancholy mood.
  15. Mojo
    Jun 28, 2017
    Immersive, but not entirely absorbing. [Aug 2017, p.91]
  16. Jun 28, 2017
    The problem is that, elsewhere, the album rarely transcends its position as a soundtrack and, after watching the vivid--at times stunning--film it accompanies, listening to Mister Mellow solo feels decidedly less colourful.
  17. Aug 9, 2017
    With Mister Mellow, Washed Out seems to have lost his gift of storytelling that made his debut album a reference to dream pop bands and electronic producers. Skimming through the tracks, they feel soulless and are disguised as part of ‘a concept’.
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Generally favorable reviews- based on 21 Ratings

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  1. Jul 5, 2017
    A chillwave's masterpiece. It feels like one 30 min song split in 12 parts. I could not expect anything less than this from Ernest Green.A chillwave's masterpiece. It feels like one 30 min song split in 12 parts. I could not expect anything less than this from Ernest Green. Mister Mellow was totally worth the waiting. Full Review »
  2. Jun 30, 2017
    Pretty much different than anything he’s ever done. The proper songs here are wonderful. “Floating By” is quite possibly the best Washed OutPretty much different than anything he’s ever done. The proper songs here are wonderful. “Floating By” is quite possibly the best Washed Out track around; however, there are too many interludes. Sure most of them are relaxing and nice, and the album flows nicely, but they’re so short. They just whiz by leaving you wanting more. I also am not a huge fan of all the random sound effects thrown in the mix. They don’t hinder the overall experience much, but it would’ve been better with them left out.

    This feels more like something that would play in parts during a commercial break on MTV, especially with the visual album thing he’s got going on here.

    Bottom line: it’s great, but it’s way too short for what it is. “Floating By” and “Hard to Say Goodbye” are very great standouts.
    Full Review »