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  • Summary: This self-titled disc marks the debut for the unique-sounding New York post-rock/experimental trio of Philip Wann and twin sisters Claudia and Alley Deheza. Steve Rivette (Liars) produced, with guest drumming from Interpol's Sam Fogarino.
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  1. Albums of this caliber just don't come around that often.
  2. While alternating between derivative and rudimentary, On!Air!Library! is nevertheless well executed in its obviousness.
  3. Imagine Bauhaus' "Terror Couple Kill Colonel" massaged by classic 4AD discord and you have the mysterious blend of On! Air! Library!
  4. They honestly sound like no other known band.
  5. What this self-titled debut is, though, is two different albums (EPs, really): one of wavering delicacy, the other of focused riffage.
  6. An ambitious mishmash of musical styles; it wavers from time to time, but to their credit, the record never derails.
  7. It’s obvious that the group can write straight-ahead rock/pop songs, but only chooses to tease the listener with short glimpses of their ability in this regard.

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