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  • Summary: The two-disc collection of songs from the British rock band recorded from a variety of BBC radio programs they appeared on between 1963 and 1965.
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  1. 90
    Expressive, feral, soulful, sensual, explosive… On Air? On fire, more like.
  2. Dec 1, 2017
    A bigger soundstage doesn't necessarily suit the BBC sessions, where the primitive production suits the raw performances--for proof, listen to the second disc in the deluxe set, which wasn't de-mixed--but it's ultimately a minor flaw in what's otherwise an essential set.
  3. Dec 6, 2017
    You hear the sound of songwriters flush with discovery, a dazzling glimmer of what lay ahead.
  4. 80
    This collection of early 1960s Stones sessions vibrates with youthful revolutionary fervour--though sadly, there’s none of the witty, whimsical mini-interviews with which the Fabs’ performances were punctuated.
  5. Nov 29, 2017
    This is a hugely enjoyable landmark release. [Jan 2018, p.103]
  6. Dec 19, 2017
    As a compilation of recordings for the BBC, the album carries the momentum of the Rolling Stones over three years effectively, documenting their growth as performers as well as the songwriting of Mick Jagger and Keith Richards. But, while that energy is present in the recordings, the sequencing and lack of radio-style distribution remove the real joy there must have been to hear this music in the mid-'60s.
  7. Q Magazine
    Nov 29, 2017
    These BBC radio sessions from the period don't offer many revelations. There's still a thrill to be had from listening to them rattle through this selection of--mostly--non-originals though. [Jan 2018, p.117]

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  1. Dec 8, 2017
    Live album of early sixties Stones on BBC, a 63-65 period with Brian Jones, when they were playing their own blend of blues and rock n rollLive album of early sixties Stones on BBC, a 63-65 period with Brian Jones, when they were playing their own blend of blues and rock n roll covers and acted as bad boys of British pop. A time when screaming girls were so loud that the band could not hear each other playing so that recording the gigs was difficult, if not impossible. But apparently BBC had sufficient control over the audiences. Due to their youth at the time, the music is adventurous, frenetic and fresh. There are some slightly different version of well know hits, then there are some less know covers and some that I heard for the first time. Among all the goodies, a perfect rendition of Route 66. For people who like their music of the period, this is great compilation, newly remixed and produced for today's audiences. Although some recordings are a bit rough, I agree with a review in Variety that all in all this is "a sonically optimized compilation". It worth getting extended "deluxe edition" with 2 CD and 32 tracks at 84 min. Expand