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  • Summary: The fifth full-length release for the metalcore band was produced by Mark Lewis.
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The Saw Is the Law
This is our way of life And we sleep away our misery in our blood soaked sheets We've left our homes to infect the world And addict you all to this... See the rest of the song lyrics
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  1. May 12, 2014
    With smartly layered melodies and excellent vocalists, the band really isn't that far off from a parallel universe Lamb of God (if they were raised on Aborted), at least in theory. This is a huge compliment.
  2. May 12, 2014
    With Our Endless War, the band have shown they have more than enough skills, and they finally have enough ideas; it's time for them to take the plunge, break through deathcore's confines, and become the band they could be.
  3. May 12, 2014
    While Whitechapel's capacity for hatred and discontent is nothing new (especially in the world of death metal/deathcore), the relentlessness of the album's execution is impressive.
  4. Kerrang!
    May 12, 2014
    While their towering riffs and melodies at times bring Korn to mind, they bring back some of the furiousness of their earlier records here. [19 Apr 2014, p.54]
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