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  • Summary: The electro-pop group, which also includes Notwist's Markus Acher, releases its fourth full-length studio album.
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  1. Positive: 9 out of 13
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  1. Our Inventions is ultimately an album for modern nostalgists—folks who miss the crisp electronica and springy pop that originally put Morr Music on the map.
  2. What Lali Puna does, and it’s very apparent on Inventions, is to really use the simplicity of pop for all it’s worth.
  3. Lali Puna’s Our Inventions mesmerizes with wonderfully layered and intricately constructed electronic sound manipulations that are tastefully crafted into experimental pop songs.
  4. 65
    Make no mistake, Our Inventions is a very nice album—"Rest Your Head" and "Everything is Always" are precious little slices of pop music—just don't expect kids who have been gorging on the psychedelic exploits of Animal Collective to flip out over this one.
  5. The arrangements stick to an effective coast-and-surge model of development: The tracks skim low and then tilt upward with the addition of a drum or synth part. It's a stock trick that works well, and Lali Puna use it with unusual tact.
  6. The album sticks very much to the template of ambient keyboard pop and an atmosphere of disappointment that past Lali Puna and Notwist albums traded in. That said, it's effective in what it sets out to accomplish and has a silent ambition that is fairly admirable.
  7. Our Inventions feels terminally lacking in ambition and new ideas and a big step backwards for Lali Puna. The music is safe tweetronica, Trebejahr’s vocals inscrutable like a tasteful wallpaper.

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