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  • Summary: The latest release for the British electronic artist was inspired by Ingmar Bergman's film of the same name.
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  1. Apr 13, 2018
    Persona is uneasy listening, with heavier rhythms and more fragmented melodies than West deployed on previous works like Howl and Night Melody, yet it’s equally engrossing. It leaves a deep psychic impression--a truly “arthouse” album that begs repeated revisiting, to explore its many conflicting faces.
  2. Apr 12, 2018
    This music is experimental and diverse in its sonic scope, but each unique sound is in service of its greater whole, making for a record that is undeniably the vision of a singular artist, a true auteur.
  3. Apr 12, 2018
    With a mix of analogue synths, warped acoustic instruments and an unmatched passion for effects pedals, West has produced easily one of the most vivid and soul-stirring electronic albums of the year.
  4. Apr 12, 2018
    As the album comes to a close, "Rest" and "Hidden" begin to work off of fuzzy, pulsating beats and slow, trancelike synth passages, proving that Rival Consoles certainly holds a blueprint to the dreamworld contained within Persona.
  5. Apr 18, 2018
    There are stretches when a more detailed approach would have helped center some of the more free-flowing material. Personal points to a great direction in West’s run as Rival Consoles. He’s not quite to the final destination, but he’s well on his way.
  6. 75
    Each listen helps to start piece together the overall shape of the album, something which remains a little shrouded throughout. But its length, and depth, is also Persona's strength. An album to get lost in and to discover bits of wonder along the way.
  7. Apr 12, 2018
    Significantly less danceable than some of the artist's other albums, the album simultaneously feels more introverted and more expansive.

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  1. Apr 17, 2018
    Building on layers of subtle beats and textures, often to eurphoric highs, but also to soothing lows.
  2. Apr 13, 2018
    An almost perfect auditory tapestry to any day. Sunny, rainy, warm, cold, this album suits any mood.