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  • Summary: Howe Gelb leads a group of Danish musicians in his latest album.

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Stranded Pearl
there's a power in that division in the hour of revision when the taste of love has all but gone sour when i look into your eyes i surrender such... See the rest of the song lyrics
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  1. Though proVISIONS offers some playfully charming moments, ('Can Do,' 'Out There,' 'Increment of Love'), the dark center of this album’s middle is telling.
  2. 80
    Now, at 52, Gelb’s music seems to have found a renewed vigour, a sharper focus. ProVISIONS not only has some lean 'n' lovely boy-girl ballads, wild mood swings and a frequent groove, but also a sense of intent.
  3. Although it dodges near-perfection almost deliberately, it confirms that Gelb’s maverick creativity has an astute methodology in its benevolent madness.
  4. 70
    ProVISIONS tells a less reassuring truth than "’Sno Angel Like You," but one that’s just as true; you just never know.
  5. Filter
    Those of us disenchanted by genre specificity may give up on proVISIONS upon the line, "It was there in Galveston," and its accompanying played-out, imitive Western guitar line. [Fall 2008, p.97]
  6. Howe’s duet with Neko Case on ‘Without A Word’ is the star of the show though, boasting a gorgeous melody that owes a lot to Gelb’s Tuscon roots.
  7. 60
    Despite the album’s cornpone reflex and occasional meandering, guitar-diddling foray (“Muck Machine” should have been dragged to the trash folder), provisions has its Southern-fried charms.

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