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  • Summary: KRS-One returns to the solo recording scene with his first new album since 1997's 'I Got Next.'

Top Track

Uh-huh, whatchu thought? Uh-huh, we was done? Uh-huh, whatchu thought? Yeah yeah yeah Whatchu thought? uh, uh, uh Yo, yo, back again, what's that?... See the rest of the song lyrics
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  1. As unmistakably old-school as a fat gold chain and a pair of unlaced Adidas sneakers.... He delivers a raw, grimy set of anthems as noncommercial as anything he's done.
  2. He delivers all this with passion and booming authority: the teacher is back in front of the classroom, where he belongs.
  3. As a sort of lyrical sermon from the mount with uptempo beats to crush the weak-hearted, 'The Sneak Attack' raises the stakes on the microphone skills front as KRS-One lectures, hectors, drops streetwise politics, and laments the state of the world.
  4. Vibe
    KRS-One sounds as hungry and passionate as ever.... Unfortunately, a barrage of rigid, same-sounding beats and canned choruses detracts from Attack's effectiveness. [June 2001, p.154]
  5. He still commands attention, but his booming voice and confidence now deliver warmer, fuzzier messages.
  6. Blender
    Sadly, Sneak Attack also reflects the influence of Professor One's recent ubiquity on the college-lecture circuit; windy speechifying interludes take up a third of the record. Too bad -- when he does rap, he shows twice the gusto of many rappers half his age. [Jun/Jul 2001, p.112]
  7. Entertainment Weekly
    The most compelling lectures can't obscure KRS' drab old-school beats and samples. [4/27/2001, p.118]

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  1. Aug 1, 2013
    Definitely underrated. I think it's better than "I Got Next." It's classic. He's so hardcore yet sounds so smart. Which is something artistsDefinitely underrated. I think it's better than "I Got Next." It's classic. He's so hardcore yet sounds so smart. Which is something artists like Ice Cube never achieved. Not saying they aren't classic, this is just more classic. Just listen to "Hush," "Krush Them," "Get Yourself Up," and "Hot," you never hear stuff like that. Sounds like those "Duck Down" times. Gets so pissed at the people killing Hip-Hop. Listen to "Attendance," he created all the sh*t everyone does and every fan loves.
    "What mean the world to me? H-I-P, H-O-P
    And S-I-M, O-N-E
    And G-O-D, I stay low key
    I go down to hell, and slap up Satan
    Then return to heaven, where Scott LaRock is waitin
    Resurrection, just like my brown complexion
    When I speak, I don't need protection from the heat
    I walk these streets and I'm quick to hit first
    Throw on any beat I'll be quick to spit first
    And rip town, I take one look around
    And all you hear is, "Get down, get down, get down!"
    Knowledge Reigns Supreme, I stay on blast
    That's why these rappers want me to go on last
    That's the truth, that's the fact, that's the deal
    Forget sex appeal, my tech is real
    And my rep is real, K-R-S
    Woo-woop-woop! That's the sound of E-M-S
    The rag on your head, it best stay white
    Cause I can turn that red in a minute a-ight?
    Now go back and get my name correct
    'fore I snatch them diamonds from 'round your neck
    Once again, get my name correct
    'fore I snatch that platinum from 'round your neck" Hush