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  • Summary: Recorded over three performances at the Music Hall of Williamsburg in April 2009 in Brooklyn, New York, it is the Scottish rock group's first live album/DVD release.
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  • Record Label: Rock Action / Rock Action Records
  • Genre(s): Pop/Rock, Alternative/Indie Rock, Alternative Pop/Rock, Indie Rock, Post-Rock, Experimental Rock
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  1. Special Moves--which pulls at least one track from all six Mogwai albums, but no more than two--strategically positions the band's latter-day material among the old warhorses to build a set list that gradually intensifies and explodes like the band's best instrumental epics.
  2. As fans of the group will attest, there's nothing quite like experiencing Mogwai in a live setting and while Special Moves might never fully capture that sheer weight of sound, it nevertheless represents a hugely impressive live document (even without Burning, the accompanying DVD).
  3. Mojo
    Special Moves/Burning might just serve as a fittingly monolithic monument to their work to date. [Sep 2010, p.98]
  4. Kerrang!
    Songs that brood on record become grand and celebratory live and that's what captured here. [21 Aug 2010, p.52]
  5. They highlight Mogwai's biggest stylistic trademarks, and little else-the ambient drone and the electric guitar crashes that break its spell, and the waves of sound that evolve from carefully crafted crescendos. So while the final cuts are cohesive, they're also tight-lipped-safe.
  6. That moment on a truly gorgeous version of "New Paths to Helicon, Pt. 1" is enough to justify the DVD, while the rest of the film's 45 minutes amply demonstrates why Mogwai is such a great live band. If Special Moves itself can't quite demonstrate the same fact, it comes as close as any album is likely to.
  7. Uncut
    It's hard to imagine anyone but the previously committed fan will be signing up here. [Sep 2010, p.99]

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