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  • Summary: The latest full-length release for singer-songwriter John Mellencamp features a guest appearance by Bruce Springsteen on three songs.
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  • Record Label: Republic
  • Genre(s): Rap, Pop/Rock, Contemporary Singer/Songwriter, Contemporary Pop/Rock, Heartland Rock
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  1. Classic Rock Magazine
    Mar 7, 2022
    Atmospheric to the hilt, you can almost smell the campfire. [Apr 2022, p.76]
  2. Jan 28, 2022
    Despite being a songwriter who has decided that his crazy dreams just came and went, Mellencamp pours himself into his music with an undiminished passion. The album is a pleasure to listen to—even if for Mellencamp what used to hurt so good now just hurts.
  3. Jan 28, 2022
    An urgent-feeling, musically rich record, one of his most memorable in a while. Whether life has much left to give him is his call to make, but he still has plenty to offer us.
  4. Jan 28, 2022
    John Mellencamp embodies the stubborn independence of an artist who unquestioningly follows his heart and his muse, and Strictly a One-Eyed Jack is the work of a man accepting the passage of time rather than fighting against it. As a songwriter and a performer, it's a gambit that works in his favor.
  5. Jan 28, 2022
    Despite the overt bleakness, Strictly a One-Eyed Jack shines when Mellencamp invites other people into his world—proof that he can still surprise us this deep into his career.
  6. 50
    The album’s first five songs are dire and depressing—somber, sobering, dark, and downcast. ... It remains to be seen if his audiences will want to sing along in order to maintain Mellencamp’s misery.
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