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  1. Subiza is the culmination of a years-long growing process in which Delorean was able to synthesize its influences into a sound all its own. It isn't flawless, but it could be this year's most perfect summertime album.
  2. Subiza sounds like a simple and straightforward record. It's bright and quick and full of easy sentiment. Its songs bleed in and out of one another effortlessly, but it's also surprisingly varied.
  3. It's already expansive enough, with room for ecstasy-illuminated piano chords, squiggly trance melodies, and kaleidoscopic '60s vocal harmonies-but the group delivers it consistently, cleanly, and packed with cartoon-like vibrancy that recalls nothing so much as the Tough Alliance's slightly stickier 2007 sincerity manifesto New Chance.
  4. Filter
    Subiza sounds like a freakish zoo where Pet Shop Boys hang with Animal Collective, and whether or not it's a nightmare or auditory euphoria is up to you to decide. [Spring/Summer 2010, p.113]
  5. Subiza is a dance album, make no mistake, but it's far from typical and it's blissful enough to be enjoyed at home in the midst of Beach House, Hot Chip, and LCD Soundsystem.
  6. The presence of mixers and various instruments is what recalls you the second and third times; mostly because you're too enveloped to look back now. But at the core of Subiza and at the heart of the sound is a tight-knit quartet that has already mastered the chemistry surrounding them.
  7. It seems disingenuous to fault an album for not being the masterpiece hoped for, but Subiza is still resoundingly strong and a likely staple of many a summer jam to come.
  8. Alternative dance building up a head of steam thanks to its more famous exponents, there's now a place at the table for a band like Delorean to reap the rewards. Thankfully, with Subiza, they've got the songs to help the process along.
  9. Whatever category Delorean ultimately falls under, you can put a check next to Subiza as a contender for the feel-good album of the summer.
  10. For all the barbs that could arguably be lobbed at Delorean for wheeling out another variation of the near terminally exhausted formula, they sidestep any fatal criticisms by applying a hefty dose of summer exuberance to their White Isle pop that's near impossible to deny.
  11. They're called wankery chill-out names like 'Endless Sunset' and 'Infinite Desert' but are elevated above their base genre and boring titles by the general air of Animal Collective-gone-raving-down-Pacha.
  12. There's not a single second on this album that's difficult to listen to, just as there's not a single second that sounds like it was difficult to write.
  13. At first, the music seems overwhelming, full, and convincing, but once the initial allure wears off, there isn't much content. The lyrics that manage to be intelligible don't have much to say, just vague regret and the suggestion of personal growth, all delivered in a second-person address.
  14. Uncut
    Subiza lacks real oomph and definition. Like their rainer UK counterparts Delphic, Delorean's indie and dance components sometimes end up by simply cancelling each other out. [Jul 2010, p.104]
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  1. Jun 10, 2012
    God, are you serious that I'm the first one to write something about this album? Okay, that will be a pleasure. Firstly, I love this album!!God, are you serious that I'm the first one to write something about this album? Okay, that will be a pleasure. Firstly, I love this album!! Delorean got really experimental and more eletronical, not as much as the damned Merryweather Post Pavillion (or Person Pitch...), but there's nothing wrong about this change. But actually I miss Delorean's first albums... Full Review »