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  1. Filter
    The only downside to this album is, ironically, its accessibility. [#5, p.90]
  2. Their familiarity with vintage instruments and addictive laid-back swagger help them avoid the pretension that sometimes follows the Beta Band.
  3. The seamless combination of the genres makes the album stunning.
  4. Quite simply, Sunshine Hits Me is fantastic.
  5. Entertainment Weekly
    Warm, fuzzy pop that's memorable as well as palpable. [25 Oct 2002, p.76]
  6. This is a beguiling breeze of an album that never loses its cool.
  7. When The Bees hit the target, as on domestic-violence lament 'Angryman; and the glacial funk of 'Sweet Like A Champion' the ghosts of everyone from JJ Cale to Hall & Oates to the Stone Roses enter the room.
  8. A showcase for inventiveness and versatility.
  9. Live shows have shown that they have an even more cutting, vital album waiting to be recorded. If they can harness that live edge with this recorded willingness to experiment, their next album will be a monster.
  10. An above-average production of reasonable merit.
  11. Urb
    This impressive album sounds like the work of old souls. [Nov 2002, p.100]
  12. Alternative Press
    While at times a bit plodding, Sunshine's dizzying musical excursions become more exquisite with each listen. [Dec 2002, p.74]
  13. Blender
    Recalls the Beta Band with the "wacky" knob mercifully turned down, and the wild musical eclecticism tempered by an endearing warmth and a wealth of gorgeous melodies. [#11, p.126]
  14. Uncut
    It all sounds like The Beta Band swapping confrontation for contentment. [Apr 2002, p.93]
  15. There is much to get teeth-grindingly irritated about with this album.
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  1. GazB
    May 12, 2004
    Summer in a circular jam jar.
  2. KentM
    Mar 3, 2003
    This is one of the more fantastic debut LPs is a long time. Get it.