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  • Summary: This is the fourth release for Quasi, which features Sam Coomes (formerly of The Donner Party, and sometimes bandmate of Elliott Smith and Built to Spill) and Sleater-Kinney's Janet Weiss.
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  1. Magnet
    A wonderful album, with Coomes and Weiss at their very best. [#51, p.107]
  2. The more I listen to The Sword of God, the more I appreciate Quasi’s ability to create smoothly flowing, catchy songs without sacrificing their trademark complexity. My only problem with this album is that the whole package is just so drenched in irony...
  3. Alternative Press
    It's the succinct pop of a punkier Squeeze or a sloppier, edgier Beatles that makes Sword a treasure. [Sep 2001, p.94]
  4. Fans who craved the melancholy love stuff may find something essential lacking as a result. But those who love the music will come away as satisfied as ever: here is the deep distortion fuzz punctuated by jangling pop and keyboard, and Coomes' high, unaffected vocals soar over the rest without any kind of effects crutch.
  5. This may not be their best offering, but it's a truly fine record that offers plenty in the way of satisfaction.
  6. As always, the marriage of hooks and psychological horror works well, but for the first time it also starts to wear a little thin. The album's second half is dominated by weaker songs and lyrics that really need a fuller range of human emotion.
  7. Even at their best, Quasi can be like the same magic trick performed over and over. At first, it's marvelous and mysterious, yet with each successive time less so, until eventually you figure out how the whole thing is done and lose interest altogether.

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  1. peachyMF
    Jan 31, 2006
    melting rubix ice cubes
  2. lizs
    Sep 10, 2002
    eh decent but elliott smith is definitely the best indie rock singer