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  • Artist(s): Joshua Redman
  • Summary: This is the debut release for the collaboration between The Bad Plus and jazz saxophonist Joshua Redman.
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  1. Jun 5, 2015
    The knotty, gleaming structures often have hooky pop appeal (bassist Reid Anderson’s “Dirty Blonde,”), and the band can deliver an affecting ballad with brushes.
  2. 80
    As a chemistry experiment, the album is a knockout.
  3. Jun 5, 2015
    Ultimately, The Bad Plus Joshua Redman sounds less like a collaboration between two separate entities and more like the assured work of a unified band.
  4. Jun 5, 2015
    It’s a must for Joshua Redman and Bad Plus fans alike.
  5. Aug 4, 2015
    The Bad Plus Joshua Redman is every bit a Bad Plus record. Both the songs and the song titles are clever and idiosyncratic in the manner of previous Bad Plus work.
  6. Jun 9, 2015
    Even as these pieces are tightly composed, improvisation, solos, a loss of control, are never far away. This can only be a good thing.
  7. Aug 11, 2015
    Trio The Bad Plus are joined by saxophonist Joshua Redman, and the intricate compositions challenge and inspire the soloists.
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