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  • Summary: The seventh studio full-length release from the Connecticut-based metalcore group was produced by Chris "Zeuss" Harris.
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Looking Down the Barrel of Today
Once had(?) a shotgun to my head they said I wasn't worth the bullets Now the world is my trigger and I'm here to fucking pull it. Still here. I... See the rest of the song lyrics
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  1. May 12, 2016
    Concrete Confessional can be borderline silly in its saltiness, but it's the best kind of comfort food, even if it breaks your jaw.
  2. May 12, 2016
    The whole point of Hatebreed has always been to pulverise willing participants with simplicity, power and positivity. In that regard, the furiously precise likes of Seven Enemies and Dissonance amount to jolting shots of pure musical adrenaline.
  3. Kerrang!
    May 12, 2016
    Yes it gets samey, but in Hatebreed's hands predictability doesn't tend to mean boring. [30 Apr 2016, p.68]
  4. May 12, 2016
    Nothing's going to change the fact that Hatebreed are the biggest hardcore band in the world, but this album doesn't do enough to win back those who got them there. Instead, it focuses too much on appealing to those who keep them there.
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  1. May 13, 2016
    As a Hatebreed fan of the past decade or so, I've always trusted this band to provide solid slabs of hardcore induced metal from start toAs a Hatebreed fan of the past decade or so, I've always trusted this band to provide solid slabs of hardcore induced metal from start to finish, and absolutely outstanding live performances thrown in for good measure. The problem with some people and Hatebreed is that they never seem to change their formula too much from album to album; you can literally interchange any album over the past few years and get the same sort of vibe.

    In my opinion, both of Hatebreed's previous albums had a more more metallic tinge to them and strayed away from the hardcore punk vibe that I loved with old (but gold) albums such as Rise of Brutality and Perseverance. The Concrete Confessional however, is the perfect mix of both old school hardcore Hatebreed, with the more modern metal tinge that they've been known for over the past 6-7 years or so.

    This album is by far better than their last two releases, merging sing along moments, breakdowns, two step and thrash in its purest form. Big festival crowds will be jumping up and down singing along to tracks such as 'Something's Off', but other tracks such as 'Us Against Us' and 'Seven Enemies' have that dirty, 100 capacity club vibe which will have you spin kicking your friends for days to.

    Overall, I'm blown away by this new record. I was expecting to be underwhelmed and write it off as a solid 7/10 Hatebreed release that I could dip in and out of during long drives, but this delivers everything and more. Hatebreed are still relevant, still hard, and still knock most other modern day hardcore and metal bands out of the water without batting an eyelid. Check it out, and hopefully you'll be as impressed as I am with this new record!