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  • Summary: The British band self-produced its follow-up to its 2007 debut "Fantastic Playroom."
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  1. With their infectious beats and clear guitars mixed with head-bobbing electronic, New Young Pony Club has what cannot be learned, yet what is one hundred percent necessary for achieving greatness: hubris.
  2. In making this (undoubtedly scary) leap away from what’s expected of them they’ve pulled off the second album reinvention of 2010.
  3. The contrasts are ecstatic, setting in stone just how remarkable a comeback New Young Pony Club have pulled off. The Optimist is a super-smart pop album at the top of its game.
  4. Q Magazine
    Not as instant as the old stuff, but there's more substance here. [Apr 2010, p.116]
  5. Despite these forays into a wider world, and the dreamy, vulnerable and hypnotic subtlety of 'Stone', you can't help but think that NYPC have still got one foot firmly anchored in the glowstick glimmer of past glories.
  6. It's a clinical, dark, adult pop record.
  7. The Optimist is an album for people who don’t enjoy reading too far into their favorite songs or who don’t analyze lyrics and think deeply into melodies. There’s no way to really do that on this album. It’s a poor attempt at a follow-up album. The band is too caught up in being serious to even realize that there’s not a whole going on beneath the surface.

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