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  • Summary: The fourth album for the group from New York features such guests as Estelle, Busta Rhymes, The-Dream, and Lil Wayne.

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Cookie Jar
Gym class heroes. Radiokilla killa I like girls They like me They look so good In their satin jeans Want you to be the one And my only I want be... See the rest of the song lyrics
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  1. Alternative Press
    The Quilt expertly stitches together art and commerce. Every song has an insistent hook, but despite the high-profile hip-hop guests, nothing feels calculated. [Oct 2008, p.162]
  2. Not all of the songs are in easy to digest radio play lengths either, as 'Live Forever (Fly With Me)' proves they aren't afraid to do a song that's over seven minutes long. The more that GHC take chances on this album, the more they succeed.
  3. If it all seems messy, it isn't. GCH sounds like an American utopia, where everyone coexists joyfully and thrives on the diversity.
  4. 60
    [McCoy's] delivery is laudably cool for a Warped Tour MC. But it’s gunk on the gears of this dancing machine.
  5. Gym Class Heroes' Quilt is very, very much of its time: it skates by on the surface, which is appealing for a while, but in large doses it can seem like too much empty style.
  6. 60
    Mostly, though, they demonstrate that pop trumps piety.
  7. Even a guest verse from Busta Rhymes can't breathe any life into this copy-and-paste mess.

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