The Way Of The World

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  • Summary: The first album in 12 years for the jazz pianist is his first on the ANTI label and was produced by Joe Henry.
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  1. The result will likely turn up on a number of critics’ short lists for best of the year.
  2. The 82-year-old singer/pianist's mordant wit retains its vintage charm. In fact, Allison probably could have sung any of these new tunes about aging just as credibly 50 years ago.
  3. Recording over five days with his hand-picked band of California-based conspirators (including ace drummer Jay Bellerose and guitarist Greg Leisz), Henry puts the jazz great in a limber, small-group setting well-suited to Allison’s no-frills style and laconic tone.
  4. This is also his first studio album in 13 years. But, man, he hasn’t lost it, and he wants us to know it.
  5. The Way of the World is just one more Mose Allison album: exceptional in it’s own right but entirely expected.
  6. On Allison's first LP in 12 years, producer Joe Henry sets him up amid unfamiliar backing instruments like Weissenborn slide guitar and mandola; Allison's leathery voice, sharp wit and jaunty piano improvisations remain remarkably undiminished.
  7. Q Magazine
    It proves to be an entertaining and profitable arrangement. [May 2010, p.112]

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