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  • Summary: Produced and recorded by the band along with the helping hand of producer Matt Allison, the Chicago punk-rock natives' seventh studio album, This Addiction, is the band's first release on their label Heart & Skull and their first with Epitaph Records.

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Dine, Dine My Darling
Don't leave me alone, I'm waiting for this to be The last thing that I see Well, if I tried real good, then I probably could Get a couple more days,... See the rest of the song lyrics
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  1. This Addiction is a chiseled, go-for-broke disc with a modicum of overdubs, melodic flourishes, and even harmonies.
  2. Q Magazine
    The title track sets the tone with its exploration of heroin addiction as a metaphor for relationships, but it's "The American Scream"--a gritty, neo-gothic parable--that best illustrates Alkaline Trio's unique take on three chords and the truth. [Mar 201, p.97]
  3. Alkaline Trio aren’t naïve punk rockers from the Chicago suburbs anymore, as a result this album fails to recapture that innocence but succeeds in creating another strong body of work that the group can be proud of.
  4. This Addiction is interesting and ultimately noteworthy because it finds a way to continue on with the band’s winning schematics while tweaking the blueprints in such a way that it's almost hard to notice that you’ve been duped by all the seeming predictability.
  5. With its return to a more straight-forward approach, ‘This Addiction’ does hark back to the likes of ‘Goddamnit’ and ‘Maybe I’ll Catch Fire’. Unfortunately, while not being a bad album, it is not a patch on those seminal earlier releases…. Simply a solid recycling of their much-loved sound.
  6. It’s hardly the best of their Asian Man days, but This Addiction is a solid mix of their old and new sounds that is well worth a listen.
  7. Based on the simple songwriting and the nauseating lyrical content, This Addiction is sad, and to the die-hard Alkaline Trio fans such as myself, it will greatly disappoint.

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  1. Jan 2, 2014
    This Addiction offers something newer for Alkaline Trio. They've dropped the gritty punk sound that they developed in their early albums andThis Addiction offers something newer for Alkaline Trio. They've dropped the gritty punk sound that they developed in their early albums and got rid of the over-production that they had on Agony and Irony. It's a solid album but it still feels like a sound yet to be mastered. Some songs are instant classics, while others fall as flat as half of all the other pop-punk messes out there. The album as a whole holds up and is genuinely enjoyable. An album that should definitely be a part of any ak3 fan's music library. Expand