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  • Summary: The latest release for the ambient artist features contributions from Forma's John Also Bennett, Marilu Donavan, Mary Lattimore, Gregg Kowalsky, David Moore, and Fly Pan Am's Roger Tellier Craig.
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  • Record Label: Mexican Summer
  • Genre(s): Electronic, Avant-Garde, Pop/Rock, Indie Rock, Indie Electronic, Experimental Rock, Experimental Ambient, Experimental Electronic
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  1. Jul 16, 2019
    Though it's unlike anything he has attempted before, the ambitious sounds of Tracing Back the Radiance still bear the distinctive stamp of his artistry, one that feels restless, nostalgic, and quietly hopeful regardless of the form it takes.
  2. 85
    It’d be easy for Tracing Back to follow down the paths of say, GAS, or the somber mirk of Kyle Bobby Dunn, but thoughtfully, Cantu-Ledesma never verges over that line even though he may hint at it. Instead, by staying in line, Tracing Back serves as one of this year’s most angelically-bright collections of ambient music.
  3. Jul 16, 2019
    Somehow, the players have managed to escape our universe, and what they've brought back with them is both captivating and indescribably beautiful.
  4. Jul 16, 2019
    At a time when some ambient music can feel like it’s drafted solely for inclusion on a “chill” playlist to anesthetize the overworked, Cantu-Ledesma’s explorations have been steering towards deeper waters. On Tracing Back the Radiance, his most profound work to date, he finds them.
  5. Jul 17, 2019
    Cantu-Ledesma’s ensemble (that’s 11 in total, including greats like Mary Lattimore, JAB, and Roger Tellier Craig) achieve an elegant cascade here that’s more stoicism than stupor and more calm than stagnancy.
  6. Mojo
    Aug 20, 2019
    This is a sweet entry point. [Oct 2019, p.92]
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