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  • Summary: Now a three-piece, English glam-rockers Gay Dad return for their sophomore album, following 1999's Leisure Noise.

Top Track

Consequences of Love
There's a mirror But you don't see it There's a mirror But you refused to see it There's a mirror Your reflection Everything now you fight My... See the rest of the song lyrics
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  1. They might not have the lyrical substance necessary to be the new Manics, but Gay Dad's unpretentious take on modern glam makes snorting coke while wearing striped hot-pants and sprinkling stardust on passers by sound like a hell of a lot of fun.
  2. Entertainment Weekly
    Glam-Bowie reinventions, culminating midway in the pop-rock nuggetry of "Plane Going Down" before crashing to earth. [3 May 2002, p.88]
  3. Alternative Press
    Breezy, flashy, and fun, but emotionally bereft as well. [Jul 2002, p.81]
  4. Transmission, while marginally stronger than the band's debut, forgets to bring along the same natural pop drive and offers more of the same well-honed faux iconic babble, and regularly stoops to the equivalent of a Love record with improper squelch control.
  5. Blender
    More Bon Jovi than Blur, bloated with stadium-friendly power ballads. [Jun/Jul 2002, p.106]
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