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  • Summary: The sophomore album for the Michigan-born musician includes a song cowritten by ex-Wilco member Jay Bennett.
Score distribution:
  1. Positive: 3 out of 13
  2. Negative: 0 out of 13
  1. Q Magazine
    Waiting for the Sunrise is a blissful alt-country album where the Hammond organ swells and pulses like it's being tickled by Al Kooper. [Oct 2008, p.152]
  2. Perhaps in the winter this will all seem a lot less charming, but right now, it’s a nice soundtrack for a drive out to the coast or for porch sitting late in the evening.
  3. 'Someone Like You' is the stand-out track on a fairly solid album, but how much better would they have sounded with a little judicious editing and a sharper focus.
  4. Uncut
    Vandervelde's second album only really hits its stride in the six-minute centerpiece 'Someone Like You.' [Oct 2008, p.114]
  5. Waiting for the Sunrise doesn’t signal the end of Vandervelde’s party, but one hopes he gets his second wind rather than becoming satisfied and heading off to bed.
  6. Filter
    Vandervelde masterfully dresses singer-songwriter tunes that could exist just on acoustic guitar in beautiful studio psychedelics, but too often he lets his brillant sound palette subsitute for structural creativity. [Summer 2008, p.98]
  7. It's not the worst thing imaginable to make a nice, pleasant record that wouldn't trouble anyone; it's just that Vandervelde (seemingly) promised more than just a peaceful easy feelin', and Waiting for the Sunrise is an almost complete disappointment in that regard.

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