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  • Summary: The Norwegian producer's album has only three tracks, but one is nearly 29 minutes long.
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  1. There’s no question that Where You Go I Go Too is one of the year’s most coherent, craftily executed albums.
  2. Lindstrøm manages to achieve a palatable yet ambitious record without ever resorting to indulgence, not forgetting in his view of large forms to look closer and focus on the minutiae.
  3. Easy review: three tracks, each between 10 and 29 minutes, every moment electric.
  4. The Wire
    I can attest that despite initial misgivings, this does grow on you. [Sep 2008, p.64]
  5. When you consider that the first song is only a minute shy of half an hour long, this collection of epic ambient disco revisionism definitely counts as a full-fledged artistic statement.
  6. This album is a textbook grower, not just because it demands repeated listens, but also because the pieces all start similarly and take their sweet time to reveal the individually entrancing things they are.
  7. For all the promise held out by the idea of Lindstrom staring down long tracks with thematic aims, the range on display is surprisingly narrow. None of the narrowness is exactly bad, but the widescreen potential was so high.

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