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  • Summary: The third album for the Swedish indie rock quintet was produced by Phil Ek.

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Fall Hard
Just gimme a second and I'll tell you But give me months by myself Sittin', smokin' Belgian cigarettes In a restaurant with a famous star 'Cause I... See the rest of the song lyrics
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  1. Work finds them owning their sound, and treating the nostalgic pangs they stir as a platform from which to express something sincere. The result is a record a little less giddy and more workmanlike than prior SOL albums.
  2. By eschewing the instrumental grandiosity and working into a clean cut sound of their own, Work moves you to great feelings of warmth and a feeling of great joy.
  3. Work is a more subtle, subdued album than Shout Out Louds' previous LPs. It is also a far more consistent one, capturing the band maturing artistically.
  4. The sonic references keep on coming throughout Work, but great songs do too.
  5. 60
    After honing their Cure impression on 2007's breakout "Our Ill Wills," these heart-on-sleeve Swedes team up with indie crossover producer Phil Ek (the Shins, Modest Mouse, Fleet Foxes) for a third album of ably crafted sincerity.
  6. This is such a charming little band, such a charming little album that one wants to like it more than it deserves.
  7. Sure, Shout Out Louds have a gift for melody, and they use a light pop touch better than many. But after their masterwork, one expects more than 10 easygoing melodies.

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